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  • Search in local folders and moments
  • Press and hold then swipe to multiple select
  • UI optimization and fix bugs
  • Add Vietnamese translation


  • Long press a folder to put "Top" order
  • New option: Default sort mode for folders
  • Portrait wallpaper for phones
  • Better support the SD permission in Lollipop
  • "Fix date" for videos


  • Improve Samba(SMB) performance
  • Fix thumbnail issues
  • Fix bugs of Amazon, Flickr, OwnCloud
  • Fix bugs of auto cloud backup
  • Fix bugs of file name with Emoticons
  • Numerical sorting names by default


  • Material themes with dark background
  • Add cloud: Amazon(not AWS), OwnCloud, Samba(NAS)
  • Multiple delete, move, download pictures in cloud
  • Cloud backup options, optimize uploading


  • Auto backup photos to cloud with WiFi (in Settings, requires 2 Sync permissions)
  • Colorful themes for action bar
  • Support photo sphere
  • Google account login with Play Service
  • Sort folder by file size
  • Faster scanning folders
  • Copy picture from cloud to local


  • Ability to write SD card on Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • New security options, with pattern or PIN code
  • Update translations
  • Bugs fix


  • Add cloud: Box, Yandex


  • Android 5.0 material style, cleaner UI
  • Single thumbnail view as default, "stack" as an option
  • Long press a folder to change cover
  • Optimize Picasa and Flickr albums structure
  • Fix: edit hidden picture failed


  • Transfer pictures between multiple devices via WiFi (requires 2 WiFi permissions)
  • UI smooth optimizations


  • Flip image in editor
  • Optimize for TV
  • Fix: missing December in "Moments"
  • Bugs fix and optimization


  • Support HD Animated GIF, drawing faster
  • Faster loading larger pictures and smoother
  • Make "Pan & zoom" as a slideshow option
  • Bugs fix and optimization


  • Rotate picture with 2 fingers(also in editor)
  • Smoother viewing larger pictures
  • Pan & zoom during slideshow
  • Bug fix and optimization


  • Multiply selection in a "Moments" folder
  • Please clear the cache if wrong rotated thumbnails
  • Fix several bugs and optimization


  • "Moments" view, group photos by time and location
  • Add cloud drives: Flickr, KuaiPan
  • Fix bugs and optimization


  • Support cloud videos
  • Select cloud folders to show
  • faster scanning folders
  • faster GIF decoder


  • Fix several bugs

v3.5 Release:

  • Add Google Drive
  • Improve performance of large folders
  • optimize animations

v3.5 beta3:

  • Add cloud drives: Dropbox, OneDrive
  • Fix Picasa bugs and improve performance

v3.5 beta2:

  • Fix: crash on some devices

v3.5 beta:

  • Add cloud drives: Picasa, Baidu cloud, 500px